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Good Jew, Smartphone App, v 1.7.0

Nine app ideas rolled into one.. Glossary, Biographies, Calendar, Headlines, and more!

* Wisdom: including parables, kabbalah, and Pirkei Avot

*text and transliteration of common prayers including the Kiddush and the Birkat, and an explanation of kashrut,

*holiday songs in English, Hebrew, and transliteration, with links to Youtube sources.

*quick links to headlines at the Jerusalem Post, the Forward, and Haaretz.

* A glossary with 350 Hebrew/ Yiddish Terms

*There are over 30 biographies from the 12 Tribes and King David, to the Baal Shem Tov, and Albert Einstein with information gathered from multiple sources where possible.

*Finally, the holiday bar at the bottom of the main page is designed to default to the holiday which will occur next in the Jewish year. Slide the bar to the next or previous holiday.

Note about v 1.7.0: The Locator feature has been replaced with dynamic Hebrew Date & Holiday Calendar

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